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Career Mapping Tool for Job Seekers

A new web site targeted at job seekers and career changers, has developed a free Career Map tool that helps users transition from their current jobs to their dream jobs. The patent-pending, interactive Career Map technology gives users a step-by-step, visual roadmap for how best to achieve a new position. Users learn about skills, […]

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Facebook Jobs Increase by 635 percent

A recent report by Simply Hired, LinkedIn’s job search portal, reveals through its Employment Trends that jobs on Facebook has increased by 635 percent. Interestingly, MySpace jobs have decreased by 27 percent. LinkedIn also had a substantial growth of 125% jobs while social networking sites did not see an increase in jobs and stayed at […]

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LinkedIn - Professional Networking

Seven Ways to find a Job using LinkedIn

Most of the recruiters and employers have quit traditional methods of searching for a perfect candidate. No longer do they spend all their time going through job portals but they also search for interesting candidates on social media sites, blogs, forums and professional networking sites. LinkedIn is one great way of letting recruiters know about […]

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Wipro Forces Engineers to Join BPO

Things are moving from bad to worse! It’s time parents lose their pride that they made their kids an engineer. After all these engineers who paid heavy college donations and spent their teen life as a book worm end up in a BPO. And all that you need to join a BPO is good communication […]

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Top 10 Universities in India

Below is a list of top ten Indian Universities where you can pursue your studies. These universities generally require a higher percentage of marks in public board exams and have to clear tough entrance exams. The entrance exams would have questions pertaining to communication, analytics, logical answering, mathematics and general knowledge. (more…)

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Its L&T Infotech now on Job Cuts

Massive job cuts in the name of reorganizing and handful of recruitments to coverup the decrease in revenue has now become a everyday story. L&T Infotech, the country’s largest engineering company has started requesting employees to resign across its Pune, Chennai and Mumbai centers. It is surprising to know that L&T Infotech even with most […]

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Google India Jobs Tips

A job at Google is anyone’s dream come true. Working at Google means you need to be creative, talented, principled and hard-working. And not all of us fit the bill. With Google starting its offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon and Hyderabad, there have been a number of openings lately. Before you apply for a vacancy, […]

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SEO Job Seekers in India Beware!

Are you looking out for a SEO job? Have you been selected and requested to do an SEO report for their company to analyze your capability and skills? PLEASE STOP!! They are just cheating you. Recently, a number of companies are asking SEO job seekers to create a detailed report on how SEO can help […]

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It’s now HP’s Turn! 24,600 Employees to be sacked

HP has announced that it would be eliminating 24,600 of its employees. HP, in one of its Security Analyst Meetings stated that is a part of its global restructuring plans. Many companies in the software, ITES or the EDS industry have been in a ramp down spree recently owing to inadequate projects, global slowdown and […]

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Satyam Lays off 400 Employees

Satyam Computers, one of the leading software companies in India has joined the list of companies who are in a rapid down-sizing due to inadequate projects. Satyam has reportedly shown the pink slip to 400 engineers and associates in Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Pune. Most of the employees who were sent off had 2 to 5 […]

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