Google India Jobs Tips

A job at Google is anyone’s dream come true. Working at Google means you need to be creative, talented, principled and hard-working. And not all of us fit the bill.

With Google starting its offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon and Hyderabad, there have been a number of openings lately. Before you apply for a vacancy, it is advisable to go through the below links so you are better prepared and aware of Google’s expectations, guidelines and preferences.

Hiring Process

Hiring Process differs depending on the job type. A telephonic interview would assess your technical skills and proficiency while an onsite interview would analyze your coding, algorithm development, data structures, design patterns, analytical thinking skills.
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Preparing Your Resume for Google

Resumes can be submitted in PDF, HTML, MS Word document or even a text format in English alone. Make sure you add your contact information and avoid including your gender, age, family status, DOB or your personal identification numbers. Learn more >>

Preparing for your interview at Google

Be prepared to answer the basic questions in any interview like; Why Google? What are our products? Algorithms and Analytical Questions. Be prepared to answer in detail anything that you have mentioned on your resume. If you are doubtful, its better you remove it.
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Working at Google means you have fun while working hard and get treated for your hardwork. Likewise, you are expected to perform more than you think you can. And when you perform, you are valued and respected. All the best in becoming a Googler.

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