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Search Engines for Kids

Are you uncomfortable letting your kids search using popular search engines? Well, there are a whole lot of search engines for kids. These search engines filter out sites which are not suitable for kids. These kids search engines use its employees to manually filter out bad sites which are not suitable for children. (more…)

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How to Write Website Content – Tips

The more the content on a website, the better outreach it gets. Any site needs a good content to have visitors on to it. But how do we get content? Is it possible to get it from somewhere? Do we have to write all of them ourselves? Well, there are two strategies one can utilize […]

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10 Tips to recognize a bad SEO Company

As SEO process is on an all time high, so are SEO firms. SEO companies have mushroomed everywhere promising anything impossible. A clever analysis has to be made before opting for a Search Engine Company. Here are few tips which can help you find a bad SEO company: Promises top 10 positions in a month […]

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HTML Basics for SEO

Do you have your own personal website and do not wish to outsource optimizing the website due to budget and privacy constraints? Do you think you need to know a lot about HTML coding to optimize your website? (more…)

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Landing Page Optimization

What is an LPO? Landing Page Optimization is the process of optimizing a particular page where a visitor tends to land on a website. The optimization is done on the content and appearance in order to make the page more interesting and useful to the target audience. The better the landing page, the lesser the […]

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Google & Yahoo Sitemap Creation

Sitemap creation varies with search engines. Google accepts sitemaps in XML or Python format and Yahoo requests for sitemaps in txt format. (more…)

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10 Tips on Content Writing and Optimization

Content plays a major role in website recognition by a search engine or to retain a visitor. Content writing involves analyzing the competitors and keywords before working on an article. Good content writers do a research on the competition for the topic and find out the key ingredients needed to write down the best content. […]

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How to Access FTP

An FTP location is where the pages, images or any data related to a website, organization or individual is present in a remote location usually a server. To access an FTP location, you need a FTP access application, FTP host name or IP, FTP username and password. (more…)

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Search Engine Optimization Consulting

SEO Consulting 101 Have you planned to get in touch with an SEO consultant to boost your website traffic? There are some things you have to know before you approach them. This can help you find the right SEO consultant who does not just speak, but show results. (more…)

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What is PPC?

Pay Per Click Pay per click (PPC) can be defined in the simplest form as an advertising concept where you pay only if a person clicks on your advertisement. If a person does not click, your advertisement still stays on all websites and you do not pay a penny. Doesn’t it sound good? Yup, and […]

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