10 Tips on Content Writing and Optimization

Content plays a major role in website recognition by a search engine or to retain a visitor. Content writing involves analyzing the competitors and keywords before working on an article. Good content writers do a research on the competition for the topic and find out the key ingredients needed to write down the best content.

o The content should contain good density of the keywords.

o Content should not contain too much of promotional words like best, greatest, excellent, cheapest etc.

o The content should not contain too many external links. Rather, the links should lead a person to a content present within the website.

o While writing content, the writer should also include major keywords related to the primary keyword.

o It is good to have images related to the article and having them properly tagged using ALT tags.

o Content should be interesting and not dull or boring. The content should hold the visitor to your site and make him/her read till the end.

o Avoid showing off all your English excellence with complicated words, phrases and sentences. Your site is not just visited by English speaking people but also by visitors who have very less English knowledge.

o The content should be clear and concise.

o The paragraphs should be short and unnecessary words or sentences which drag the topic should be avoided.

o Texts inside an article should be hyperlinked if the text is described or discussed about in another part of the website. This can keep the visitor stay on the website for a longer time.