Search Engines for Kids

Are you uncomfortable letting your kids search using popular search engines? Well, there are a whole lot of search engines for kids. These search engines filter out sites which are not suitable for kids. These kids search engines use its employees to manually filter out bad sites which are not suitable for children.

Some of the popular kids search engines are listed below:

Ask Jeeves – Kids Answer Search Engine

Ask Jeeves helps kids find out an answer to their questions. Ask Jeeves provides results of websites that are kids safe and has not been blocked under CyberPatrol block list. Ask Jeeves also brings out results from other search engines.

Yahooligans – Kids search for 7 – 12 year olds

Launched in 1996, Yahooligans is the oldest search directory for kids. Yahoo also uses the same strategy where the results are manually edited and verified to suit children. Yahoo recommends this site for kids from 7 to 12 years of age. Since the results are manually edited, there is more possibility that the results are safer and objectionable sites prevented.

Yahoo has also taken care of adult advertisements on Yahooligans. Any advertisement containing adult content would not be displayed.

Looksmart for Kids

Looksmart has a huge collection of 20,000 children friendly websites that were chosen manually by Net Nanny. Net Nanny was acquired by Looksmart in 2004 to add adult filters to its web search results providing various parental controls and content filtering features.


KidsClick has a list of 5,000 websites under various categories for children to learn. KidsClick has most of its information database from its library partners.

KOL – AOL for Kids
KOL from AOL helps kids search information, play online games and music, read books, watch movies and animals. KOL has been under enhancement during recent months and is becoming better day after day!

DMOZ for Kids

One of the most prestigious internet directories has more than 45,700 websites suitable for kids and teenagers. These sites have been checked by editors before they were included in the DMOZ directory.

Apart from these exclusive search engines for kids, there are also options with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to block adult content. Please read the article on steps to block adult content in this SEO blog.