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UK’s Best IT Employeer 2008

The British Newspaper The Sunday Times had its annual survey to find out the best IT companies to work with in Britain. Ten companies were chosen out of the top 100 companies in UK.

The eligibility criterion to participate in the survery was that the company should be at least 7 years old and have at least 250 employees.

The top place was acquired by Microsoft with 1,595 ecstatic employees on Microsoft’s three sites in UK. The company also scored a impressive 93 percent for workforce treatment as Microsoft staffs felt proud working with the company as it makes a positive difference to the world.

Microsoft also topped the list for pre-tax profits to charity. A whooping £17.62 billion was spent on charity which is 9.58 percent of total UK profits.

Peoplesoft got its place in the fourth spot in the survey. Peoplesoft is the sixth largest software company in the world having around 257 employees in UK with 93 percent of its employees earning a salary of over £30,000.

The 9th place went to Electronic Arts, a popular computer and video games development company. EA has made some of the worlds most popular interactive games like FIFA, James Bond and Harry Potter.

CISCO attained 14th place and SAP in 17th place. SAP has over 23,000 employees in 50 countries worldwide.

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