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Is Page Speed an important factor for Google Ranking?

With all the Google buzz in promoting the “Page Speed” Firefox plugin to enhance speed of websites and also its campaign to have a faster internet and faster websites, one would wonder if Google’s next target to optimize its search results would be page speed. Though page speed does have certain value while ranking pages, […]

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Google eats up Newspaper Profits

This may not be good news to newspaper publishing companies if we are to believe the recent report from Outsell. Outsell recently conducted its third annual News Users research which brought to light steep decline in newspaper circulation as readers are becoming increasingly tech savvy and now wish to read news online. Outsell forecasted that […]

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Global Search Market grows by 46% in 2009

According to comScore, global search market increased by 46% in the last year alone with U.S. remaining the largest search market worldwide. There were more than 131 billion searches done from different places and by different age ranges. This would mean 4 billion searches per day, 175 million per hour and 29 million per minute. […]

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Google Chrome with Extensions & Bookmark Sync

Google has now released its stable version of Google Chrome with the much awaited features: extensions and bookmarking. There are a whole lot of extensions added to the extension gallery. Google, with this release has made sure that some of the most adequate and top requested features are added up to this browser. Bookmark Sync […]

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Google increases number of Sitemaps from 1000 to 50,000

Most of you should be aware of what an sitemap index file does. It just lists out the list of all the sitemaps for a particular website. This sitemap index file had a Google limit of 1000 links. Anyone who exceeds this index limit would get a warning in your Google Webmaster account that, “The […]

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Microsoft Interop Days – Bangalore Dec 2009

Microsoft Interop Days was recently held in The Capitol, Bangalore. The event was attended by a large number of programmers, probably more than 200. Around 95% comprised of PHP programmers and the rest .NET programmers. Discussing with participants, I could find a mix of experience ranging from fresher’s to senior level PHP programmers, managers and […]

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Google Caffeine Live

The Google Caffeine update is already live in one data center. This is basically rewriting of some basic architecture and there would not be any visible UI changes. Google Caffeine is one update which Google has been working on and asking end-users to test for a long time. (more…)

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Google offers Chrome for Mac in December

Google’s biggest hype of year 2008 Google Chrome would be available for Mac users by the end of this year. Yes, as some intellectuals would have guessed with the ever green “BETA” tag. In one of the Google groups for Chromium extensions, Nick Baum, product manager at Mountain View, California mentions that this release would […]

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Yahoo News now with a Human touch

A man who was mentioned to have “dramatically improved” would now be the lead editor for Yahoo local news. Looks like Yahoo does believe that quality and creativity of the news that it provides its visitors is a crucial factor in traffic growth. (more…)

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