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Difference between Server RAM and Desktop RAM

Did you ever know that the Server RAM is much different from the Desktop RAM? Yes, the Server RAM is different and slower than the Desktop RAM. The Desktop RAM is built for speed. However, the Server RAM is optimized for crash resistance and loss of data.

The Server RAM usually contains ECC – Error Correcting Code. ECC also commonly called EDAC protected memory helps correct parity errors which makes ECC RAM less vulnerable to loss of data, data corruption and possibility of a crash. This makes Server RAM much safer. Due to the implementation of ECC, these RAMs are a bit slower than their Desktop counterparts and are pretty expensive too.

On the other hand, Desktop RAMs are manufactured for speed. These RAMs neither have ECC or are they compatible. Hence Desktop RAMs are faster than a Server RAM however, prone to crash or data loss when subjected to higher amounts of stress. ECC Memory would not be supported by Desktop Motherboards and the BIOS. Hence it is advisable to check if your motherboard and BIOS supports one if you are planning to make your desktop into a server.

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