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Icahn Opposes Partial Sale of Yahoo

Remember the Billionaire Carl Icahn? The limelight he tried to capture with Microsoft support? Guys, his game is not yet over! Icahn has opposed to sell part of Yahoo to former AOL Chief Executive Jonathan Miller. How will he as he is been fed by Microsoft? (more…)

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Yahoo CEO Yang Steps Down

Yahoo! Announced last night that its chief executive officer and co-founder will step down. Jerry Yang, now 40 co-founded Yahoo along with David Filo during 1994. He had returned as the chief last year. Yahoo has been struggling to stay alive during the recent years after Google attracted all of Yahoo’s loyal followers towards it. […]

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Are Yahoo Shareholders So Dumb?

Any onlooker who reads for the first time what is going on with Icahn, Microsoft and Yahoo can easily figure out that Icahn is being fed three times a day by Microsoft. The software giant is just using him for its own gain. This is a well planned puzzle that Microsoft has hosted. But are […]

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Google comes to rescue Yahoo from MSN

Shares of Google dropped to $68.87 which is around 12% in just two trading days after the software giant Microsoft announced its interest to buy Yahoo Inc for a share of $31. This in turn has made Google investors and executives not happy. Sources say, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has called up Yahoo! Inc CEO […]

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Yahoo’s Yang makes Half Billion Loss

Yahoo! Co-founder and the fifth-biggest stakeholder lost half a billion dollars losing investor confidence with the company losing out to competitors and reduction of employees. Jerry Yang took over as the search giant’s Chief Executive officer in June last year. With a 4 percent stock in Yahoo, Yang has been experiencing the pain in the […]

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