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Yahoo FireEagle in Private Beta

Twitter For Location or the FireEagle platform has open APIs which can send and receive data. It can stream your location information. This can help third party web services gather vital information about your location even without asking from you. FireEagle, built entirely on Ruby on Rails, a open source framework is an insight from […]

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AOL on Deal

After Yahoo, now it’s AOL which is open for a deal. The Time Warner company America Online acknowledged the weakness in business and is now open for combining AOL with any company which could provide the strongest and the most valuable configuration. It should be noted that Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Bewkes had informed in […]

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Top Firing & Top Secure IT Companies in India

Top Most Firing IT Companies in India 1) IBM — Right now this is the most firing company for IT professionals. In the last 6 months, this company has fired nearly 20% of their employees because of BG check and performance issues. This is the most insecure company from an IT professional’s point of view. […]

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Yahoo Starts Firing Its Employees

Sources from inside stated that Yahoo has already started firing the employees. The cut down is wide spread across all divisions and different locations. However, they did mention that the firing is based on performance ratings and not in a plan to close the entire opterations.

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Microsoft May Borrow Money

Yahoo CFO, Chris Liddell stated that Microsoft may have to borrow money to finance its deal tagging Yahoo for a proposed $44.6 billion purchase. Microsoft may use its available savings and its stock to pay the share of $31 which it had offered for Yahoo! Inc. The rest of the amount that Microsoft has to […]

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Google comes to rescue Yahoo from MSN

Shares of Google dropped to $68.87 which is around 12% in just two trading days after the software giant Microsoft announced its interest to buy Yahoo Inc for a share of $31. This in turn has made Google investors and executives not happy. Sources say, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has called up Yahoo! Inc CEO […]

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Yahoo Plans to Lay Off 1,000 Employees

The financial status of Sunnyvale-based company Yahoo Inc went down further in the end of 2007 and as a result, the company has planed to lay off 1,000 of its employees. However, Yahoo has not informed which areas of expertise would be reduced. It should be noted that Yahoo chucked out 650 employees way back […]

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Google’s Search Strategy

Among search engine giants like Yahoo going down the drain and Microsoft bidding for more than $44 billion dollars, Google is still able to keep up the race and make considerable profits. Constant updates to their various online tools and simple yet powerful software with great GUI has kept them much ahead of competition like […]

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Yahoo’s Yang makes Half Billion Loss

Yahoo! Co-founder and the fifth-biggest stakeholder lost half a billion dollars losing investor confidence with the company losing out to competitors and reduction of employees. Jerry Yang took over as the search giant’s Chief Executive officer in June last year. With a 4 percent stock in Yahoo, Yang has been experiencing the pain in the […]

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Microsoft bids for Yahoo Inc

With Yahoo hitting a four year low, Microsoft has eyed on the search engine giant and one of the early pioneers of Internet search, Yahoo Inc. Sources estimate a whooping $50 billion price tag on this weakening Giant. It should be noted that Microsoft had once negotiated and this is not the first time. Microsoft […]

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