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Google’s new AdWords Interface

One would wonder when will the Beta be removed from most of Google products be it Gmail or GTalk. But then, that’s a result of continuous development and research by Google. Now, Google offers a new Beta AdWords interface which is currently limited to countries like the U.K. and Australia. The Beta Adwords interface is […]

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Google Search Masters Conference Invites – Ridiculous

I have been getting many comments to write about the recent Google Search Masters Conference that happened in Bangalore. Most of them who attended were not even aware what search engine optimization is nor they had any idea of Google Analytics or Google Adwords. As we all know, the invitation was given on a first […]

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100 Million U.S. YouTube Viewers in October 2008

According to a recent report by comScore, U.S. Internet users watched 13.5 billion online videos during the month of October which is a 45 percent increase compared to the previous year. Hulu, another online video service which provides hit TV shows like NBA, Daily Show, 30 Rock and Family Guy moved up to the sixth […]

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Google’s Unfair Premium Publisher Preferences

Have you noticed how some sites have Google Adsense which does not even give the least hint that it is an advertisement? They do not have underlines, no borders, no sizes and not even a clear mentioning that they are ads by Google. (more…)

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T-Mobile G1 by HTC – Google Android Phone

T-Mobile’s G1 or more popularly called the Google phone would be the first Android based handset available in the market. The phone manufactured by HTC has all the features of a smartphone but would it be as reliable as a Windows Mobile or a Symbian operating system? On a first look at the HTC G1, […]

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Online Libraries make their own Database

Nothing lasts for ever! And that’s what the libraries participating in “Google Books Library Project” have to say about Google. The libraries who are part of Google’s project to digitalize and make available books online have also started their own database trust called HathiTrust to backup all their information. And their claim? “What if Google […]

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Stop Selling Paid Links or Lose Your PR

It might not be a clever decision to make money out of your high page rank. It looks like Google is penalizing websites who place paid links on pages with good Page Rank. Google seems to be not taking websites with less than 4 page rank seriously. However, pages with 5 or more page rank […]

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Google Insights

With another sort after product under its tag, Google not just is increasing in reach but also in revenue streams. The advertiser-friendly Google Insights helps provide better insight into broad search patterns. The tool helps web experts, advertisers and publishers understand the search patterns through time in various locations. These geographic search patterns help understand […]

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Google Knol Attracts SEO Experts

Not much publicity or hype has been on the new Google Knol [A unit of knowledge]. But it looks like Google prefers ranking its Knol articles in SERP better than other websites. This favoritism has been noted by a number of publishers. Even an article originally posted in a different website with good PR many […]

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Protocol Buffers

Google has open-sourced its protocol buffers. What exactly is a protocol buffer? What are its advantages? Let’s discuss. What is a Protocol Buffer Protocol buffers are an automated mechanism to serialize structured data in an easy, effective and flexible way. This is great to do an update on an old data structure without affecting its […]

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