Eight Things to Consider when you’re looking for a Job

Are you looking for work or thinking about changing jobs? If so, what’s your plan? Do you have a strategy? What about tactics? Is what you’re doing now working?

Here are eight things to consider when you’re looking for a job.

  1. Have a Game Plan
    • Be specific about what type of job you want. Avoid sounding like you just want any job – even if you do.
    • Map out your strategy. What will you do, and by when?

  2. Create a Video Resume (put on YouTube and burn to DVD)
    • Keep it to 60 – 90 seconds.
    • Get video endorsements, if you can (2 business, 2 personal, 15 – 20 seconds each)
  3. Know your Competitive Advantage

    • What makes you unique relative to other qualified applicants for the job?
      • Your answer must be more substantial than “my personality”.
      • Is there anything from your job or personal history that makes you an interesting candidate?
  4. Do your Research
    • Before you show up, learn as much as you can about the following:
      • The company
      • The job
      • The people you are interviewing with
  5. Knock on the Door

    • Avoid blasting resumes out and hoping to get a response.
    • Pick 3-5 jobs/places you want to work.
    • Call to find out who the point person is for hiring.
    • Go knock on the door – let them see and meet you.
    • Getting a job in this market is a lot more about selling yourself and a lot less about qualifications/experience.
      • Why? Because everyone is “qualified and has experience”.
  6. Keep a Journal

    • Keep track of your experiences.
      • What companies you met
      • Contact information (emails, phone, mailing address, locations)
      • Who you met, what their job is
      • What questions you were asked
      • How you answered
      • What you did well
      • What you did poorly
      • What you would do different next time
      • At the end of the meeting, always ask what the next steps are. Are you supposed to call them? Are they supposed to contact you? If so, by when?
  7. Try before you Buy
    • Consider doing a non-paid internship for a 2 – 4 weeks.
    • This let’s them see your value-add. This let you decide if you want to work there.
  8. Be Resilient

    • “No thank you” is one step closer to “We would love to hire you”.