Google Factory Tour for Search

Google Search Factory Tour

Google presented a surprising factory tour which unveiled its local search, universal search, Google Ads, Google Image Search and its new offering Google Health.Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience launched the “>event. This was followed by R.J Pittman, Director of Product Management who is also the co-founder of Web 2.0 search company Groxis. Pittman discussed about image ad experiments in Google.

Universal Search and visitors expectations was explained by Johanna Wright who is the director of search quality. The presentation also revealed that Google Universal Search is now available in 100 languages covering 150 countries around the world.

Carter Maslan discussed about local search and its complexities. “Perfect local search requires a near-perfect mirror world”, Carter mentioned when speaking about how Google search engine identify a place. Carter was a former Microsoft employee who joined Google at Mountain View, California.

Marissa Mayer also officially revealed Google Health. Google Health would help users R.J. Pittmanstore their medical information online and also share their records with medical service providers.

The Google factory tour presented webmasters and the press an exclusive inside view of search technologies, issues and search-related development happening in Google. The presentation had invites which included bloggers and members of the press. The entire presentation had an excellent webcast which was relayed live on the internet.