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Microsoft in Talks Again with Yahoo

Sounds like Microsoft would never give up fighting Google. Well not through technology or creative innovation, but through acquisition. Or is it that Microsoft feels loosing out a bid is degrading its name?

Microsoft Corporation, the Redmond based software giant has again renewed its discussions with Yahoo on a deal to overtake Google. This time Microsoft is not on a pursuit for full acquisition of Yahoo. In return, it’s planning on an alternative to search advertising partnership.

It should be noted that Google had a two week test with Yahoo having its ads displayed in Yahoo search results. Looks like MSN is alarmed at the two giants partnering up as Google and Yahoo alone have more than 80% internet search market covered.

Microsoft’s desperate plans to become a leader in internet search and advertising is not proving fruitful though MSN ranks as one of the leaders in internet technology. MSN has been offering bids with Yahoo in February 2008 and as a private bid in February 2007 which was not publicized.

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