Google Android – Too Much hype?

Google Android

Not all that Google touches turns to gold immediately. The much hyped Android believed to change smart phones for ever doesn’t seem to be a reality.

The reason being, serious bugs, operating sytem being too slow and a not-so-friendly user interface. Application developers are frustrated as Android has not been able to cover the smart phone market to a large extent and still available only in a handful number of phone models.

When the news was heard, it sounded perfect, its open-source, unbeatable, too clever and excellent technically. But sadly, that’s not what the market wanted. The market wanted an OS as user-friendly and faster as an iphone.

Google Android terribly failed with the end-user experience. Some of the dislikes were:

  • Its slow
  • Fewer Applications
  • Too many bugs. Open one window and another opens
  • Browser seems to make you feel you are drunk and just don’t know what you are upto
  • Music Sync is not that compatible with major music players.

Guess that seems like the entire OS has an issue.

Android has a long way to go to overtake Symbian or Windows mobile. With lesser takes in the market, there is lesser scope for testing and development. Though Google freaks still believe that “Hey! It’s a Google Product! It should get better through time!”.. Well, I have to say is that day is not that near. Will it be another story as Google Chrome?