Indians Most Corrupt in Overseas Business

It comes as a no surprise. All of us know how deep the devil called corruption is rooted in India. That’s not just in the Government sector. But also in the private sector.

A recent survey by TII [Transparency International India] reveals worst facts. More than 30 percent of the total 2,742 business executives surveyed around the world regard Indians as the most corrupt to get their business done faster.

Executive Director of TII, Anupama Jha mentions that, “Ultimately it is citizens who pay: consumers around the world were overcharged around US $300 billion through almost 300 private international cartels discovered from 1990 to 2005”

She also mentioned, “Companies have no clear cut guideline on regulating and making transparent political contributions. Corporates report high-level strategic commitments to anti-corruption but they do not always report on the necessary support systems required to meet these commitments”.

The report also reveals that the project cost had to be increased by atleast 10 percent due to corruption.