Gmail for Android

Google has introduced Gmail for its first Android-powered phone, T-Mobile G1. Gmail for Android has more to offer than for Symbian and Windows Mobile.Google Phone - Android G1

Gmail for Android auto updates new e-mail messages as it arrives and helps create or find messages faster.

Some of the key features of Gmail on Android are:

Push email: Gmail on Android auto refreshes its mail box and hence you do not need to refresh or log in again to check new email arrivals

Notifications: Gmail for Android can notify you whenever a new email arrives on the status bar itself similar to a new SMS alert. Hence you would be aware of any new messages when it arrives.

Address Autocomplete: Similar to the normal Gmail on your desktop, Gmail on Android also lets you enter long email addresses using just a few keystrokes.

View Attachments: Android also helps open email attachments like photos, Microsoft Word™ documents, MP3s and PDF files by just clicking on them.

T-Mobile G1, also called the Google cell phone is the worlds first cell phone with an Android open-source operating system. The phone has been developed with partnership with HTC, Google and the Open Handset Alliance.