Internet Explorer 8 – Test Beta 2 Version in August

Microsoft recently announced that it has planned to release the Beta 2 version of Internet Explorer in August.

Microsoft has been putting up a tough fight with Mozilla Firefox. There have been a growing number of internet users switching from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has been adding new features, plug-in, add-ons and updates frequently.

The first version of Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 was released late March this year which provided designers, webmasters and web developers an preview of the latest features on Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft also informed the press that the new browser would be more home user or ordinary web user friendly and it would concentrate more on the ordinary user category.

Group Program Manager Tony Chor informed that,” “In addition to the features for developers we showed in IE8 Beta 1, we’ve been working on great new features for consumers and IT professionals (as well as doing even more cool stuff for developers)”