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Serious Security Issue with IE Again

A new security flaw in Internet Explorer has been reported again. The security issue can allow criminals to take control of infected computers and steal vital information like passwords or credit card details. Microsoft has requested Internet Explorer users to be careful while they try to resolve it. Internet Explorer is being used by 80% […]

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Google Chrome – Google’s New Browser

Yes, this is true. Google Inc., the search giant has planed to release a new browser called Chrome today. This would be a serious treat to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Google has intensified its battle against Microsoft as the new IE8 can block ads from Google. The beta version of Chrome will be released to […]

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Internet Explorer 8 – Test Beta 2 Version in August

Microsoft recently announced that it has planned to release the Beta 2 version of Internet Explorer in August. Microsoft has been putting up a tough fight with Mozilla Firefox. There have been a growing number of internet users switching from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has been adding new features, plug-in, add-ons and […]

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