Nokia Internet Tablet to have Google Talk

GTalk becoming extremely popular, this comes as no surprise. Nokia Corp. would be adding the Google Talk to one of its Nokia 770 handheld Internet browsing device.

Tablets and Smart Phones had options to install third party software to use GTalk. However, Nokia announced that an upgraded version of its Nokia 770 Internet Tablet device will come ready loaded with Google Inc.’s Talk service. This would help Google Talk chat users to have voice conversations and also exchange instant messages through their tablets on move.

Nokia would soon release the software globally and the device with GTalk would be on sale with an expected cost of 300 euros, or around $390 US dollars.

Using the new Google-Talk-enabled Nokia device, Google chat users will be able to make calls by talking directly in the internet tablet device using a wireless handset or by attaching a headset to the tablet. However, Google mentioned that Tablet GTalk users would not be able to make calls to regular phones.