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Google Apps Adapted by 500,000 Organizations

Google Apps after its launch one and a half years back has seen more than 500,000 organizations adapting it. The Apps provides an organization tools for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, custom email address, shared calendar, access to intranet systems, standalone security and compliance services and much more.

One may think about the security level when secure data and vital information is stored online with a third party. However, Google assures of top security and compliance services fighting spam, viruses and messaging-based threats. Powered by Postini, the tools request you to comply with regulatory and acceptable usage requirements.

Google has an example with one of Google Apps users. A UK-based construction company which has now moved its employees to Google Apps Premier Edition. The company which has 1,800 users can now collaborate with each other from client premises, construction sites and offices across the UK and from Benelux. Google also boasts that the directory of IT estimates that his company has saved £1 million by adapting Google Apps.

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