How to Install WoW Addons

World of Warcrafts has become hugely popular ever since its inception in 1994. The massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is a fantasy game set in the Warcraft universe.

There have been a lot of addons published recently for WoW. Find out how to install them easily using the below procedures.

First of all, you need to find out if the WoW addon that you downloaded is genuine. This is because; there are a lot of hackers’ modifying an add-on and republishing them to intrude user accounts.

How to Check if Your WoW Add-on Genuine

Unzip the addon. Most addons are compressed for easier and faster downloads. Open the unzipped folders and check the extension of the files. If you find that the extensions have a .lua or .txt file, then it can be considered genuine.

If the extensions have .com, .bat and .exe there is a huge possibility that these files have been modified with spyware, adware or a password stealer.

Once you have checked the authenticity, follow the procedures below:

  1. After unzipping the WoW addons, using a compression tool like WinZip, WinRar or 7zip (all these can be downloaded for free), you need to place the unzipped folder inside the location where you have installed War of Warcraft. By default, this would be c:/Program Files/War of Warcraft. If you are not able to find it here, try searching inside Program Files in other drives like d: or e:
  2. Once you have found out the installed location, open “War of Warcraft” folder and find out “Interface”.
  3. Open the “Interface” folder and now choose the “AddOns” folder inside it.
  4. Now copy the extracted folder and just paste it into this “AddOns” folder.
  5. If you are adding the addon for the first time, the folder would get placed properly.
  6. However, if the addon is an updated version or you wish to reinstall, you would be asked if you wish to overwrite it. Just choose “yes” in this case and now you have the WoW AddOn successfully installed.