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GTalk in Linux

How to use Google Talk on Linux GTalk has become extremely popular due to its ease of use and simple installation. Google talk has been used extensively among corporates and students. Linux users can also now use GTalk chat with Gaim. Gaim, a multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client for use in Linux, MacOS X, BSD […]

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Geologist Discovers Meteor Crater using Google Earth

Australian geologist Arthur Hickman has a Crater named Hickman Crater after he accidentally discovered a meteorite crater while searching for iron ore. Dr. Arthur Hickman is a Geologist in the Geological Survey of Western Australia. While he was researching on iron ores, he accidentally found a picture which looked like a crater. He later sent […]

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Google Secondary Search Boxes

Google has come up with secondary search boxes for its third party advertisers. This has been initially provided to only online stores who have a huge popularity and turn over. Some of the sites who have this feature are Amazon, Best Buy, Office Max and Borders. This has a mixed response from Google Search users […]

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G OS Fail to Sell

It is reported that Wal-Mart stores have removed the sale of gPC or Google PC based on a gOS Linux Distribution. The gPC with the GOS was launched in October 2007 with a price tag of $199. There were major expectations and it was assumed that this could pave the way for Google Operating System. […]

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What is Sandbox in Google

Sandbox is an unofficial term used by search engine optimizers to explain the behavior of certain pages in a website on Google’s search engine. New pages or domains are often placed in an area by Google until it can determine or validate the authenticity of the page or domain name. Sandbox effect was first revealed […]

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Google Results Change More Often

Gone are the days when a site used to stay in a position for months even years. It is now been seen that the results have a lot of difference day after day and computer to computer. So, if your website shows up at No.1 position do not be surprised if it shows in the […]

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$20 Million Google Moon Contest with X PRIZE

The $20 million race to the moon co-sponsored by Google along with X PRIZE foundation has now 10 teams from around the world consisting of NASA employees and aerospace engineers. In September, Google informed that it would pay $20 million to the first private team to land a robotic rover on the moon by the […]

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New Google Toolbar handles 404 Errors

The new toolbar version from Google helps the browser who landed on an error page to find an alternative URL by suggestions. The page displays an alternative URL and asks if you searched for something similar to it. If not, the error page also provides suggestions and also provides a Google search box. (more…)

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G OS 2.0

Has Google come up with an OS? Recently, I received a mail stating that Google has come up with its own operating system. This mail also contained screenshots of the Operating System. I was suspicious. (more…)

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Google comes to rescue Yahoo from MSN

Shares of Google dropped to $68.87 which is around 12% in just two trading days after the software giant Microsoft announced its interest to buy Yahoo Inc for a share of $31. This in turn has made Google investors and executives not happy. Sources say, Google CEO Eric Schmidt has called up Yahoo! Inc CEO […]

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