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What is PPC?

Pay Per Click Pay per click (PPC) can be defined in the simplest form as an advertising concept where you pay only if a person clicks on your advertisement. If a person does not click, your advertisement still stays on all websites and you do not pay a penny. Doesn’t it sound good? Yup, and […]

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Google’s Search Strategy

Among search engine giants like Yahoo going down the drain and Microsoft bidding for more than $44 billion dollars, Google is still able to keep up the race and make considerable profits. Constant updates to their various online tools and simple yet powerful software with great GUI has kept them much ahead of competition like […]

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Google Adsense Referral Units Expire End of Jan 08

Google has informed that the Adsense referral program would expire by the end of January 2008. It has also requested the Adsense referral users to remove the referral ad unit and replace with another ad unit from Google or display any products or services. This has frustrated many web owners who display these referral programs. […]

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Google, Yahoo and AOL Sued

Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Digg arel sued by Sheldon F. Goldberg for patent infringement of US Patent 6,264,560. The Electronic Frontier Foundation calls Sheldon Goldberg a wanted person who has crimes against the public domain for threatening small online gaming websites and claiming to own basic online gaming architecture. He has been using these patents […]

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Overture Outdated!!

Yahoo Overture Keyword Selector tool shows the statistical data upto Jan 2007. Yahoo is planning on a move from its old search marketing product the Overture to the new one. “Panama”. As a result Yahoo Overture data have been stopped from being analysed. Overture was initially developed to assist Overture advertising partners find the list […]

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Google Analytics Automatic Email Schedule

Google has come up with automatic email schedules where Analytics reports are sent in Daily (sent each morning), Weekly (sent each Monday), Monthly (sent first day of each month) orQuarterly (sent first day of each quarter). They have all popular formats PDF, XML, CSV and TSV. These reports can also be sent to others with […]

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Hypens and Underscore in URL treated same by Google

Matt Cutts from the Quality Group at Google and a popular Webmaster Guide in the Internet world has stated that keywords separated with underscores are treated the same as keywords separated with hyphens.

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Google to treat Subdomains as Folders

Google will be treating sub domains similar to how folders are treated on a site. Matt Cutts from Google reported this update. He also did mention that Google will soon be treating even subdomains and subdirectories in the same way. He informed that there would be a total of only two URLs in any set […]

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Secret of SMOs

The success of SMO lies on the topic of discussion. The more interesting and exciting the topic is the more the clicks and discussions. A detailed analysis of the area of expertize has to be done on the social community and then SMO has to be lead forward for better traffic and search engine rankings

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