Buy Products through Microsoft Live Search, get cash Rebate

Microsoft Corp. announced an ad-funded cash rebate to customers who purchase productes through Microsoft Live Search cashback. Partnering with Barnes & Nobles, Overstock, WPP, Sears, eBay and Zappos, cash rebate would be available for customers who search for and buy products through the Microsoft Live Search.

Microsoft also revealed that the Live Search cashback product portfolio includes more than 10 million products from more than 700 merchants. This would also include 13 of the top 40 U.S online retailers.

“We believe search can offer much more value to consumers and advertisers than it does today, and we see Live Search cashback as an important opportunity to deliver additional value,” Gates said. “Our goal is to make Live Search the most rewarding commercial search destination on the Web. Live Search cashback will help advertisers drive more online sales while giving consumers a new way to stretch their dollars.”

Microsoft also announced its new Live Search Farecast and Live Search travel destination for assisting searchers find the best travel deals on internet. Microsoft plans to make Live Search the premier search engine for search queries helping customers research and purchase services and goods to help merchants drive online sales of their products.