Free SEO Lessons

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced search engine optimizer, any free SEO lessons on the internet would surely be of interest. If you are an experienced SEO expert, you would still like to take a glimpse of a free SEO article to see if there is anything new that you can add to your knowledge.

Well, in this article, I would like to collate all the tips and articles I wrote about SEO under one topic in a chain so that you can have an easier understanding.


In simple terms, SEO is the art of bringing up a website on a search result by making some changes on the site and outside the site. SEO is as simple as that. But the strategy or procedure used is more of an art which would be more complex.

You would have found various websites asking you to subscribe for a free article or lesson on SEO. All articles on the net would say the same story but from a different angle. Click on the topics to read about them.

  1. Introduction to SEO
    This section talks about what SEO is in general and how it can be implemented effeciently.
  2. The SEO Process
    The various processes involved in SEO
  3. SEO Objectives
    Why you want to optimize your site? What are your long time goals? Read more.
  4. Analysis of Company Goals and Values
    Optimizing a site should go along with the company goals.
  5. Keyword Research
    Your site would be seen by new visitors largely through search engines. How would you find out which keywords they use and the keywords for which you wish your site to have a good SERP.
  6. Site Analysis
    Analyze your existing site and find out its pros and cons.
  7. Competitor Analysis
    How well are your competitors performing? Do you draw more visitors or do they have the largest piece of cake? Sounds interesting? Find out more as you read the article.
  8. SEF Content Rewriting
    Content writing needs a lot of creativity and speed. You need to write a huge amount of content and also make sure it’s interesting. Also read the free content writing tips on the website.
  9. Optimizing Meta Information
    What are meta tags? How can these small tags make huge changes to your search engine rankings?
  10. Site Map Generation
    How can you make search engines know how many pages you have on your website? Where they are and how much priority you wish to provide them.
  11. Link Popularity Enhancement
    Make your website presence in third-party websites.
  12. Site Speed and HTML Validation
    Shouldn’t your site be faster and without any coding errors? You should also know at least the basics of HTML if you have big plans for your website. Learn more from the article on basics of HTML for SEO.
  13. Search Engine and Directory Submission
    An article on how to submit your site to search engines and directories.
  14. Paid Advertising
    Paid advertising can be a great option if you have a sound budget.
  15. Compatibility Check Offsite Testing and Deployment
    Testing is a crucial step in making your site perfect for search engines.
  16. Post Optimization
    Is SEO dead after optimizing the site and making it live? Well, there is a lot of continuous optimization you have to carry out after the site is live. This will ensure you are competitive and well ahead of your competitors.

Hope this free lesson on SEO sounded useful. Read more through the Articles and SEO Basics sections on the site for a larger understanding.