24/7 Customer Reduces Head Count

24/7 Customer on a phased ramp down

After software companies, its now BPO companies who are on a slow down. 24/7 Customer one of India’s leading BPO firms have informed that they would carry out a phased ramp down of their offshore call center partnerships in India.

24/7 has planned to reduce 450 employees in Gurgaon and would also assist the employees to find employment opportunities outside their company. More than 70% of its employees are already on a lookout for other opportunities.

But as all companies say, the company also claims that it will increase its workforce from the existing 7,500 to 10,000 employees by May and it is already hiring in India, Guatemala and Manila. These claims have become common with most of the companies to cover their real skin.

President of New services and Global Chief of Risk and Infrastructure stated that they have taken all necessary steps to help employees pursue careers in other centres.

Industry analysts feel that the current slow down in the market can no longer help companies afford having employees in bench. They do have to ramp down employees in the name of performance review and cover their real cause with news about increasing work force.

The BPO has its head office based in California with its Indian call center operations in Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Hyderabad.