SEO Mind Crime

An UK marketing firm CEO Anthony Fallon stated that SEO is dead and it’s a waste of time and money to a business and brought in an example of a keyword “SEO Mind Crime”. He said he was able to rank the keyword quickly. It is believed that he declared this just to get some media attention, forum discussions on this topic and thus increase his backward links and popularize his e-book.

He mentioned that businesses that use RSS and other distribution technologies to write content in the hope of benefiting site visitors and for improvement in Google’s rankings means an end to jockeying for the top ten coveted positions in any search engine.

Most of his arguments do not have valid or relevant support. His questions seem absurd like, “Is this end for the SEO Industry?”

In his statement “SEO Mind Crime” he states that content for a website is crucial and very important. It is common understanding even to a novice that content is important. However, the mentioning of an unfamiliar SEO company who requested to pay an amount of £15,000 to have a keyword in the top ten positions for three years cannot be taken as the point of argument against the popular practice of search engine optimization.

He hosted an article in a Web 2.0 site with the topic “SEO Mind Crime”. This keyword is neither an important search term nor a sort after keyword. Obviously, when this page is cached, it would rank in the top 10 for the keyword. The article appeared in the top 10 positions in 24 hours. Based on this, he has his entire argument stating that SEO is no longer needed in Web 2.0.

His claims have been ridiculed in many forums and have been discussed as irrelevant and as a funny way to promote his website and his book with link baits. His website seems to have expired and not available at present.