Mobile 2 Skype – Communication Technology Breakthrough

HONG KONG,- Linkwell International (HK) Limited announced today that 28TEL, a mobile communications service brand, has broken the current limitations of communications technology by being the first to launch ‘Mobile 2 Skype’ services worldwide, allowing 28TEL users to call online Skype users directly through their mobile phones. According to Mr. Cola Cho, CEO of Linkwell International (HK) Limited, this service is of immense significance. It has broken through the limitations of national boundaries and communications medium. It will also profoundly change people’s user habits, while promoting “mobile communications”.

This brand-new service is suitable for all types of mobile phones worldwide and all carrier networks. Any 28Tel user can have access to this service for free, without the trouble of downloading or installing any software or buying related hardware. There is even no need to get online to use it. The user simply needs to log in to their personal 28TEL account and adds a Skype contact person in their contacts list, then providing a local number. If the contact is online, the user can dial the mapping local telephone number with their mobile phone, and enjoying the mobile communication service of this new age wherever they are.

Experience the ‘Mobile 2 Skype’ Service Freely

Despite the emergence of various kinds of network applications, such network communications tools have never achieved a two-way communication between mobile users and virtual endpoints. The 28TEL group makes full use of various entities and virtual resources, so it has not only achieved a cheaper ‘no boundary’ communication mode, but also made up for the imperfections of SkypeOut and SkypeIn. It provides a new mobile communication experience for individual mobile users worldwide and the most complete customized solution for enterprise users in various fields. Now, 28TEL provides an opportunity to experience, free of charge, exclusively for all its users. ‘Mobile 2 Skype’ services are available in the following areas: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Philippines, the U.S. and Brazil.

28TEL is expanding to more services

In addition to the current services for end users, 28TEL has begun to target enterprises, and launched free trial solutions specifically for them, enabling more and more people to enjoy the beneficial experience generated by this new communications age.

About 28TEL

28TEL is a next generation communications technology developed by Linkwell International (HK) Limited, which provides mobile phone users with cheap and high quality mobile communications services worldwide by the seamless connection between mobile phones and VOIP technology. Users can create their 28TEL accounts for free, without any monthly rent, connection fees or any other implicit fees. Please visit for more information or to start utilizing the service.

Moreover, 28TEL can provide very convenient communications functions for B2C electronic business users and SNS social networking websites, promoting its profit and development. With the decline of the global economy, 28TEL will endeavor to slowdown worldwide inflation and high costs for enterprises in the field of communications.