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World’s Largest Music Store by Napster

Napster announced that it has launched the world’s largest and most comprehensive MP3 DRM free store.

Napster has been online and has been hugely popular way before Apple’s ipod and iTunes store came into picture. Napster’s new Digital Rights Management free store would be a direct competition with Amazon’s DRM-free MP3 downloads.

Amazon has been performing well in recent times offering better quality than iTunes. Napster, though it has considerable amount of consumers, most of them have turned to Amazon and iTunes lately. The task for Napster would be to get back the consumers it lost to these competitors.

Napster has announced that it’s pricing for downloading single MP3 tracks would remain at 99 cents and $9.95 for most of the MP3 albums. Napster is also providing downloads with 256kbps high-quality bitrate along with high resolution album art. Napster provides on-demand streaming service using the Internet without downloading any software.

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