Hackers Interested in VoIP than Credit Cards

A recent report from Newport Networks states that usernames and passwords for accounts related to Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are widely sold higher than credit card accounts.

The telephone fraud though in its early stages, would certainly be of trouble if unnoticed and unaddressed.

Speaking to BBC, the Vice President of Products Dave Gladwin stated that credit card details are sold openly on the internet and can be easily purchased for $12. However, VoIP account information now fetch a higher price with $17 more than credit cards.

This issue would not affect businesses which offer voice-over IP services through a secure corporate network for its employees. However, consumers who use public networks or home wi-fi networks without security can be of trouble.

It is also shocking to know that 90% of all VoIP carriers do not have a secure VoIP service. To provide a secure VoIP, the subscriber has to pay approximately additional $4 for security.

The fraudster obtains VoIP account details and encodes it and sends it in a way that it can be easily captured and unobscured.