Will Obama give-up his Email and Blackberry?

Friends and fellow campaigners would sure agree that Obama is addicted to communicating through his blackberry and e-mail. The U.S Presidential Records Act directs that all his correspondence be put in the official record, for public reviews which has forced many former Presidents to quit using wireless and internet communication.Obama with his Blackberry

Obama has been spotted frequently using his blackberry to keep track of his campaigns. Supporters of Obama had been constantly supporting him throughout his campaign and advising through his Blackberry.

Obama is known for being short and crisp while sending or replying to his messages. While e-mailing or sending a text message through his Blackberry, he always uses properly spelled words which do not contain any symbols or emoticons. Well, that’s more president like! He never misses to message his friends, “Sox!” if his all time favorite Chicago based baseball team, White Sox won a game.

Barrack with his mobile
Some of the time stamps on his messages show how hard he worked while working on a campaign or preparing for a speech. Staff members have received messages from him at 1:00 am or even 3:00 am.

It is reported that even George Bush who was a frequent e-mail user had mentioned to his friends from his old AOL mail about his inability to privately converse and said that he was saddened about the isolation.