Obama and His Blackberry Love

Obama Checks his Blackberry 8700c ModelHillary and Obama may have had the worst debates. But they have one common love. And that’s their Blackberry. But then would he have to give up his Blackberry now that he is Mr. President?

Once when Former President Bill Clinton was asked, what would be the “must have” gadget for his wife, he obviously answered “Her Blackberry”.

Both Hillary and Obama are Blackberry addicts and keep checking their mails, documents and messages frequently. One can notice Obama looking into his Blackberry for any new messages once he gets down from his plane.

However, U.S security laws state that all communications be tracked and made public which has forced many former Presidents to stop using even e-mails or any other digital communications.

Obama uses a BlackBerry 8700c model which is available from Cingular Wireless for the United States. A basic BlackBerry model weights 134g and supports 2GNetworks.