Microsoft Backs Icahn against Yahoo Board

It looks like Carl Icahn, a person from no where is being backed by the entire Yahoo Shareholders. Carl Icahn, from the beginning has been demanding the replacement of Yahoo’s nine directors.

Microsoft, who in recent days has always found out the mean way to monopoly has backed Icahn’s claim with no surprise. Microsoft has mentioned that it would renew its bid if there is a successful shareholder rebellion.

Icahn, however has no reason for his obstinate request for the board replacement. He has been writing to shareholders stating “If the current board and management team of Yahoo mismanage the company (and their recent track record is far from reassuring), Microsoft would be putting its money at risk and a great deal could be lost.”
An industry watcher stated, “Looks like this Icahn is being not just backed but funded, motivated and assisted by Microsoft to make up a cheaper and faster deal on Yahoo.”

Yahoo has mentioned, “If Microsoft and Mr. Ballmer really want to purchase Yahoo, we again invite them to make a proposal immediately.”

The recent deal with HP to have MSN Live search installed on all its machines and Microsoft’s policy of acquiring and not competing with its competitors for a monopoly shows that Microsoft is not much interested in drawing customers with its innovation and technology; rather just with its money power.