Changes in EBay

John Donahoe, the new boss of eBay announced that he wants Ebay to work as a strip market and not as a unruly flea market. Amazon as of late has been taking over most of Ebay’s best buyers and sellers.

Ebay is striving hard to bring up sales and gain vital market places which they lost to close competitors. These competitors had also taken a large pie of Ebay’s financial results. However, Ebay still announced an increase in earnings of 22 percent in the last quarter. The increased profit might be due to its other businesses like Skype an Internet calling service and PayPal a payment service.

eBay stocks have also up by 20 percent to $32.12 after mid march. However, eBay users have not much grown during the last year. The company reported a increase of just 1 percent to 83.9 million.