Steps to Avoid Email Hacking

You log into your email account and get a message like “Invalid username or password”. You try again. You are pretty sure you are typing the right password. You check if caps are on. No it isn’t! You may well be a victim of hacking.One of the next immediate steps you would do is to try the “Forgot Password” option. However, many do not provide correct information when signing for an account. And many forget what they entered. You can still retrieve your account if you had provided a secondary email account.

  1. Don’t share your password: This is one of the basic as well as the most important things you need to do. Never share your password. It can be even your friends, family or your girl friend. Hackers are not always strangers. They can sometimes be your best friend. If you are writing down your password, try not to write it with the title “My Gmail account password” That would be too dumb.
  2. Have a strong password: Do not have a very week password. Some of them have their names, date of birth, phone number or location as their password. This would obviously be an easy guess if the hacker knows you in person. Have a mix of lower case alphabets + capitals + numbers + symbols. Don’t keep it too complicated. Even you might forget it one day.
  3. Do not provide your login info to mailers: You might get a mail from Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail asking for your account details. NEVER share your details or even reply back to them. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any popular email provider NEVER REQUEST for your account information. These mails are from spammers who have forged the email to look like a genuine information request mail.
  4. Try avoiding email access in public places: This might look odd. What if there is an emergency? I need to access my mails while on move. How can you ask me not to do that? Well, there are many possibilities to hack your account at ease if you access your mails in a browsing center. Simple software’s are available in the internet which can track every letter you type and every website you access. It’s now for you to decide.