iPhone 7 to Most Likely Ditch Headphone Jack

There are numerous rumors arising now that the date for iPhone 7 is quite close. iPhone 7 would be launched on September 7th. One thing among the rumors that is pretty much confirmed is  that the phone will lose the traditional headphone jack. Wait! really? So I cant attach my favorite headset to it or buy the headphone of my choice to it? Hmm, no, you can with the “Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter”

A rumor released by a Dutch website shows a leaked technical specification sheet for the iPhone 7 Plus. If this document which could easily be a fake one considering how simple it is to create such a document, mentions that the iPhone will be shipped with EarPods with Lightning Connector, Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter, a Lightning to USB Cable and the regular USB Power Adapter.

iPhone7 Lightning Connector


Lightning Port Benefits

Lightning port would certainly make the iPhone thinner and sound clarity better.

Lightning Port Inconveniences

Apple has always been a company which leads first in innovation and change. No other company dares to make such drastic changes moving away from traditional technology. In this situation, inconveniences sure are going to be more than benefits. You need to carry an additional “Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter” wherever you go if you don’t want to miss out on your favorite headphone for which you already paid a good amount. You need to stick with Apples lightning headphone if you like it or not.

As informed, this is just a rumor which could be proved false but this is one rumor which is almost certain will happen. Other interesting thing from this technical specification document is the device capacity of 265 GB. This is double the capacity of the highest end iPhone currently available in the market the iPhone 6S Plus. This would mean the lowest end would also have a decent storage capacity and would exceed the lowest end iPhone 6 capacity. The release is just a week ahead so lets wait to see if these rumors come true!