Nofollow Paid Links

One way paid links with nofollow tag would not be successful if your site does not drive enough traffic. Recent discussions, polls and surveys by websites reveal that website owners would not be interested in having a link on your site with a nofollow tag if they would not yield much benefit.

There are three main reasons one would like to link to your website:
1. The traffic/visibility they would obtain by having a link on your website
2. A link on a high PR page can help increase SERP to a certain extent
3. Increasing external links

If you would be placing a nofollow tag to the link that you sell, then two of the three main reasons become invalid.

The largest search engine Google has created the nofollow tag and we need to follow it. Most of the sites get 50% – 70% of the traffic from Google. With a nofollow tag, you would be stopping the PR from passing on to the linked page and also prevent Google from recognizing it as an external link.

With just one reason remaining, an interested visitor would now look at the amount of traffic your site receives. Many blog and forum owners make a mistake here. They quote huge prices for an ad which is no where related to the number of hits the website receives every month. A advertiser would be at least aware that he/she has to check how productive that link would be before they pay you.

The best strategy would be to give out paid links with nofollow only on top performing pages.. You need to have some convincing figures on Alexa or a popular traffic analyzing tool before you ever plan to provide the service.