How Good Are SEO Conferences

There are so many SEO conferences happening lately. You see advertisements about conferences in various websites. They are hugely promoted. Is it any good going for one of these conferences?

Most webmasters or SEO analysts feel these conferences are no good as they keep speaking the issues already known. No additional knowledge gain. The speakers try to come up with an insight from a different angle. Well, how much would that be helpful? Being that most of these conferences are costly to even attend.

Few possible reasons you could go for a search engine conference would be:

  1. Learn Something New: Not all the information spoken are known facts. Good SEO conferences do help understand or learn new search engine strategies.
  2. Industry Networking: You end up meeting a large number of attendees who are from the same field. They do the same work you do. These people would definitely be useful. You end up making few of them friends and would turn out planning a large business collaboration or at least discussion for reciprocal links or one way links.
  3. If you are the one who is conducting the conference, well, you have to go. You have put in a lot of money or probability would have earned a lot with good sponsors. You at least have to attend it and know how it goes so you can make more money next time. Though this sounds ridiculous, most of the conferences are organized mainly for this reason. It’s more of a business trick rather than an educational platform.

If you already have enough friends who are into blogging or into online small business, the best way is to sit along with them and discuss and share plans, projects and ideas among yourself.