How to Block Popups

Wish to block those annoying popups that appear while browsing websites? It is good to block them not just because they are annoying but also because they can harm your system with their spywares and adwares. Though Internet Explorer has its own popup blocking feature under its “Tools > Pop-Up Blocker” feature, this is not completely reliable.

Popups can be of three types:

  1. Advertisement Popups
  2. Fake Spam Popups
  3. Adware and Spyware Popups

Advertisement Popups

These are generally pop ups which contain advertisements about a product or offer. These types of popups appear even in corporate or big branded websites. Though most of these are not harmful, it is good to prevent them unless they are really needed. A good free popup blocker from a popular search engine can help do the trick.

Google Toolbar
Google Toolbar is by far the most famous and extensively downloaded tool. Generally people download this tool bar due to its inbuilt search feature and its good popup blocking competence. The Google Toolbar is relatively small to download and also contains additional features like the Page Rank, Search Box and option to add additional features of our choice.

Yahoo Toolbar
Yahoo tool bar is also a popular free tool used to block popups. Like Google, this tool is also small and has a lot many features. Yahoo toolbar helps search your bookmarkst, personalize buttons and also has an option to show your online friends and any mails you get.

Note: Sometimes, popup blockers have to be disabled especially when a website contains activex controls, java enabled or contains popup forms or help windows. However, you should first check if the site is reliable as spywares also use activex and java controls.

Fake Spam Popups

You might get a message window popup similar to a Windows Error message or a Messenger Service asking you to install a security software or disable messenger service. This is common in Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. These messages are usually from intruders who use the TCP and UDP ports like the UDP 135, 137 and 138 and TCP 135, 137, 139 and 445.

Do not stop Messenger Service as this can harm your system. The best way is to enable Windows XP Firewall or use a firewall application like Zone Alarm. To enable firewall, open “Run” using “Start” menu and type “Firewall.cpl” and enable firewall.

Adware and Spyware Pop-up

If you notice that you are getting pop-ups frequently and see that they are mostly adult content, then your computer has possibly been infected by a spyware or an adware. It is adviced that you immediately use a powerful spyware and adware removal tool and remove all deducted items. These adwares and spywares not just infect your system but also retrieve vital information like personal details, credit card information, browsing behavior and system configuration.

It is recommended that you do the following before connecting to the internet:

  1. Use a familiar popup blocker and activate popup blocker
  2. Enable Firewall
  3. Enable Anti-Virus software
  4. Enable Windows Update and download critical updates on a weekly basis atleast
  5. Update your anti-virus software frequently