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Google Earth for Android

Google Earth for Android

Google is doing all that it can to sell its Android. With very less takers in the mobile market, it surely needs some apps that are impressive to beat its giant competitors like Symbian and Windows Mobile. The recent Google Earth for Android 2.1 on Nexus One is just what Google wanted. The new Nexus […]

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Google Joins Denmark in Climate Change Awareness

The Global Internet Leader Google has collaborated with the Danish Government to increase global awareness and engagement on climate change. This will allow users to share their thoughts on climate change. This collaboration comes ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP 15). (more…)

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Google Earth Now Includes News

Google is known for it’s innovate thinking which has made them leaders in Internet search and applications. Google Earth has now incorporated Google News displaying related news specific to the area. To activate this interesting feature, navigate to the “Layers” menu found on the left side of Google Earth. Click on the Gallery to expand […]

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Geologist Discovers Meteor Crater using Google Earth

Australian geologist Arthur Hickman has a Crater named Hickman Crater after he accidentally discovered a meteorite crater while searching for iron ore. Dr. Arthur Hickman is a Geologist in the Geological Survey of Western Australia. While he was researching on iron ores, he accidentally found a picture which looked like a crater. He later sent […]

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