Google Suggest – another tool for SEO

It seems like Google would release a new product each day in the near future. Google Suggest, the latest in the offering would help you with real time suggestions. Something similar to “Did you mean?” by Google, can offer you an alternative spelling for your query in real time.

Google Toolbar users would feel this is nothing different from what Google has already added to its toolbar. However, this would not need a separate toolbar and would be available when you open up the Google Suggest page.

Google Suggest uses JavaScript and cookies on your browser. Browsers that are compatible are Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox, Netscape or Safari. Currently, this feature would be available in English alone.

Some of the benefits by using Google Suggest would be:

  1. Help reduce typos as you can choose from its suggestions
  2. Find out better search queries to ease your search
  3. Use these results for a market research or online marketing

This feature would be an added advantage to Search Engine Experts as they would now get a larger view of what people are actually searching for.