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Intel Faces Anti-trust Charges Against AMD

Intel would face a new anti-trust charge from European regulators with regard to the chip manufacturing giants marketing practices.

The allegation on Intel is that the chip giant gave top European retailers inducements not to sell computers that have chips from its arch rival Advanced Micro Devices.

Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy while speaking to Wall Street Journal, “We are continuing to cooperate and really don’t know what the commission will do,” and added, “We believe we operate within the law.”

Intel has been caught in anti-trust practices world wide. It has been under scrutiny and debates in South Korea, Europe, Japan and in the U.S. There has also been a recent investigation launched against Intel at the state level by the New York Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo.

The rival AMD has always been a target for Intel recently. AMD has had an increasing level of market share in the last 12 months with its competitive prices and excellent cock speeds.

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