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Help more shoppers find you in Google Product Search using Data Quality

Google has added a new “Data Quality” tab to the Google Base account. This new tab can provide you various recommendations enabling more shoppers find your products.

In its official Google Base blog, Jessica Ng, Product Marketing Manager for Google Base mentions, “We’ve always emphasized the importance of submitting high-quality product feeds to Google Product Search. This means submitting accurate, up-to-date product information in the form of attributes, as well as abiding by best practices for formatting these attributes. Doing so goes a long way toward helping shoppers find your items more easily.”

Adding up to the importance of submitting high-quality product feeds, she further added, Today, we’re pleased to announce the addition of a new “Data Quality” tab in your Google Base account. On this tab, you’ll find a host of suggestions for improving the quality of the item listings in your product feed. For example, you can find recommendations on the length of your title and description fields, or get a snapshot of the number of items in your feed that are missing key attributes. By addressing these issues, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your feeds and help more shoppers find your products.”

Google Base Data Quality tab is a welcome initiative as most of online sellers have very little or no awareness on the importance of submitting accurate and up-to-date information. The new tab would be of great help for these sellers.

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