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SEO Myths

SEO has become a common buzz word for any business that thrives on the internet. But still there are a lot of confusions and misunderstanding on what search engine optimization process is and how it could be beneficial.

“Search Engine Optimization is not necessary for Us”

If you have a website, and you are paying for the domain and hosting, then you need to get at least the basic optimization done. Well, if your business thrives on the internet, then your statement is absolutely ridiculous. Business on web needs visibility. Visibility can be provided easier and on a larger scale thru search engines. Higher the visibility, more traffic. More traffic, more profit.

If you still claim that SEO is not needed, then you are not confident about the product you are selling or the data displayed on the internet. You might have hosted the site because you just wanted to show off saying “we too have a site” or because there was nothing else to do.

“Let’s do the website first. Then think about SEO”

You are wrong if you had uttered this. You need an SEO expert along with you right from project planning and designing to deployment and even after that. SEO plays a part in all aspects. You would end up spending additional time and money in reworking on major sections on the site if you had not considered SEO in the beginning.

“Changing Titles and Meta Tags or Content is Outdated”

You could see a lot of websites claiming that without titles and meta tags you could still have a high PR. Well, targeted keywords in Titles and Meta Tags are definitely necessary. Even if your site ranks first, how will a visitor click on your link if he/she finds that the word they are looking for is no where mentioned?

Why not first do the basics that are needed. Then go for the so called advanced level SEO. The problem is most of the search marketing sites make the word SEO so sophisticated and give a complexity look. That’s not true.

“Images and Flash content are bad SEO”

Well, if all the text that you have on your site are just as an image and if you have only flash content, then it is bad. However, good content with images and flash description are add-ons to lure your visitors. They would love to come back to your website as they know its not boring with just textual content.

Make sure you have good content to back your images and flash. Also, provide proper Alt descriptions and Titles to your images. Make sure that your flash content can be read by search engines.

“Search Engine Optimization is a technique to fool search engines”

Its not fooling search engines, but making search engines better understand your website and also more useful content to the search engines. Search engines are not that dumb to believe so easily. They have become very brainy over the years. The site should be to the point and without any confusion so that search engines can easily understand and rank them better.

This would involve improvement of:

  1. Content
  2. Improving Navigation
  3. Increasing popularity on the internet

The points above should be carried out in a genuine way. This would involve a great deal of research, planning and implementation if your site is small and working on bringing in a huge traffic.

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