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Google Critic Reviews
Google Critic Reviews

Google launched critic reviews in August 2015 nearly six years after Rich Snippets Review was announced. Rich Snippet Reviews is an innovative idea to promote content by structured markup. Structured markup can greatly help in search ranking and brand credibility.

Google’s critic reviews are now available for desktop, tablet and mobile users. This can help publishes increase their visiblity and showcase their reviews to new audiences, thus making them more confident on their services or products that they offer.

How to critic reviews on Google Search

Publishes need to select the snippet of reviews on their website, annotate them with the associated business in markup. There are two ways you can do this.

Critic Reviews on Google using schema
Critic Reviews on Google

Embedded Reviews

Embedded reviews are great for websites that provide booking services for many businesses like travel booking, hotel booking etc or for business listing aggregators. Click the button below to understand how this markup could be done.

Standalone Reviews

These reviews are excellent for news and media websites. It can provide standalone review blocks. An example of markup is given in the link below