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17. Post Optimization

Watch Over Once the site is deployed, the search engine optimizer waits for the major search engines to cache the pages that he/she has worked upon.

During this time, the team would also be involved in link building and directory submissions. Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN would cache a website more frequently. One has to wait even for a month to get their page cached on search engines. Caching a website by the search engine depends on the frequency of updation, site category and traffic of the website.

Post Optimization Reports Once the new optimized pages are cached, a number of procedures are carried out.

  • A new report is prepared with the current rankings and compared with the previous rankings.
  • Percentage of increase and decrease in rankings are analyzed.
  • Competitive site analysis is done to check the competitor rankings
  • A quick study is made on why a page ranked higher or why a page went down in rankings after optimization
  • The next level of changes are decided
  • The changes are finalized and updated onto the web pages

This process continues until the target is achieved. After which, basic optimization is done every time a content is updated on the website. However, link building, directory submission, articles and content widening are considered an ongoing search engine optimization process with any site.