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9. Optimizing Meta Information

Meta information on a page is the basics for a search engine to understand the type of content the page contains. Improper titling or description might result in poor keyword ranking. This would also result in crawlers assigning the page to a different category.

The title tag is the first information a crawler would obtain about a web page. Hence it is imperative to have the right keywords on the title tag. These words appear on a search listing. If the wrong keywords are used on a title tag, the targeted visitor might not find the link impressive enough to click on it and get into the website. Hence the most relevant and specific keywords have to be used. The title tag when written should be seen to that it is not too lengthy.

Meta Keywords:
Meta Keywords have lost its importance which it had some years before on search engines. However, they are still recognized by search engines. It is also important to see to that not all keywords are stuffed on the home page. This is due to the competitors easily finding out the keywords you are targeting. Right clicking on the website on a browser and choosing “View Source” on a Windows operating system would reveal all the keywords and descriptions.

Meta Description:
Meta Description is a brief description of the information on that particular page or the website as a whole. This description should contain some of the important keywords that are being targeted. The description should convince the visitor that this site is the most favorable site to look into for the information he/she is researching on the internet.