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11. Link Popularity Enhancement

Link popularity is the amount of external links on other websites pointing to a website. The more the number of external links, the higher the page value on a search engine. There are a lot of concepts or terms used in enhancing link popularity.

  • Reciprocal Links
  • Inbound links
  • Back Links
  • Link Building

There are a lot of ways through which the external links to a website can be increased. Some of the techniques have been discussed below:

Link Exchange

Link exchange is the placement of a foreign link on the parent website so that a link to the parent website on the foreign website can be obtained. This has mutual benefits.

Inbound or One-Way Links

In this method, only external linking is sort after. Outbound links on the site is not allowed. One way links are much powerful on search engines compared to two way links.The common methods of One Way Linking are described below:

  1. Directory Submission
    Directory submission is the first procedure one has to handle while working on link enhancements. There are a lot of directories available on the internet and one can get into either free submission or paid submission based on his/her business strategies.
  2. Article writing inclusive of links to other websites to drive in traffic
  3. Emailing educational or informational sites about ones site features and requesting for a link to the website. A link on an .edu or a .gov site is highly acclaimed by search engines.
  4. Blogging
  5. Posting on Forums