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I’m Danny Sam, SEO consultant and web designer from Bangalore, India. This is my first ever blog and the second personal website after World Guitarists. For the last 8 years, I have been working with various companies in outsourcing, software and web marketing expertize. Web designing and the Internet world have always fasinated me to be a part of it.

There has been a huge increase in the website optimization requirement. Small and large companies ensure that their website meets all search engine guidelines and recommendations. A high rank for the targeted keyword can directly result in increase of revenue.

I have dropped in some basic SEO guidelines and discussions on search engine optimization, news, gossips and the latest SEO updates. I am planning to add a lot of articles basically tutorials on search engine optimization, tips and procedures. There has not been much of blogging yet as this site is relatively new. However, I am happy to find the Alexa rankings raising up pretty impressively.

Have a lot of plans & ideas but as you know there is just 24 hours in a day. Hope the world gets slow one day!! 🙂

Do keep blogging you SEO Minds !!

Tom Meagher

I dedicate this site to Tom Meagher, a Real Estate Consultant whom I knew
during the last days of his life. His enthusiasm, plans and dreams inspired me to start this website.